Our Staff

The Chief Executive, who also has responsibility as Accounting Officer, is appointed by, and is responsible to, the Board, for the proper conduct of affairs of the Commission and the development and implementation of policies determined by the Board. The Chief Executive is supported by a small team of professional management and administrative staff focused on four broad areas of work in support of LMC’s strategic objectives, namely:

  • Provision of the Northern Ireland Beef & Lamb Farm Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS)
  • Market Information Services
  • Education & Consumer Promotion Services
  • Industry Development Services

For a copy of the LMC Organisational Chart please click here.

Ian Stevenson Chief Executive istevenson@lmcni.com
Suzanne Blain Accountant sblain@lmcni.com
Seamus McMenamin Economist smcmenamin@lmcni.com
Colin Smith Industry Development Manager csmith@lmcni.com
Gillian Davis Corporate Governance Officer gdavis@lmcni.com
Cherrie Kenny Education Services Manager ckenny@lmcni.com
Vacant Farm Assurance Manager csmith@lmcni.com
Lynda Kelly Agricultural Market Analyst lkelly@lmcni.com
Nicola Mulligan PA/Communications Officer nmulligan@lmcni.com
Karen Mc Cullough Accounts kmccullough@lmcni.com
Sandra Murray Accounts smurray@lmcni.com
Ruth Doherty Reception rdoherty@lmcni.com
Joy Totten Reception jtotten@lmcni.com
Jill Cassells Market Information Assistant jcassells@lmcni.com
Terry White Farm Liaison Officer twhite@lmcni.com