DARD Approved Disinfectant

DARD Approved Disinfectant – Novagen FP Approved

FQAS members may be aware that the disinfectant Novagen FP was recently suspended from the DARD approved disinfectant list due to failure of tests conducted by Veterinary Laboratories Agency in GB against General Orders which includes Brucellosis and Swine Vesicular Disease.

As of 1 February 2012, Novagen FP is now approved again for General Orders, however is not approved for Swine Vesicular Disease. The manufacturer of Novagen FP and DEFRA have negotiated on a revised dilution rate for use of Novagen for General Orders.

Members of FQAS should be aware that Novagen FP can be used again as a DARD approved disinfectant within the scheme in order to comply with section 2.4 of the Standard. The reason FQAS requires a DARD approved disinfectant is to ensure that in the event of an outbreak of animal disease, that an effective disinfectant is in use.

Members of the scheme should note that to comply with section 2.4 of the Standard cleaning/washing facilities and a DARD approved disinfectant (which must be effective against Foot & Mouth Disease, TB and General Orders) must be available.

The FQAS unfortunately cannot send a list of DARD approved disinfectants to members as DARD and DEFRA update this list quite frequently depending on new disinfectants being added at manufacturers request after testing or disinfectants becoming suspended in the event of a failed test.