Derogation to Code of Good Agricultural Practice

Derogation to Code of Good Agricultural Practice from FQAS Standard as of 19th March 2012

As all members of FQAS are aware it is a requirement, that all producers must adopt a positive attitude towards the countryside by complying with current environmental legislation and codes of practice. The code of Good Agriculture Practice (CoGAP) for the prevention of pollution of water, air and soil must be followed.

Within the April 2010 FQAS Standard it states that “all relevant farm staff must have access to a copy of the code”. This code published by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) is currently out of print and is in the process of being reviewed and updated.

All members of FQAS should be aware that with effect from week commencing 19th March 2012, a derogation has been put in place for all members of the scheme who are or have been unable to obtain a copy of the CoGAP. Therefore during farm inspections, if a copy of the CoGAP is not available, this will not be raised as a non-conformance until the updated version becomes available.

To help FQAS members continue to adopt a positive attitude to the countryside and to aid compliance with current environmental legislation the August 2008 version of CoGAP is available on the DARD website. The CoGAP 2008 edition can still be accessed for information on good management practices to help avoid pollution of water, air and soil.

As soon as the updated version becomes available from DARD or the local Divisional Veterinary Offices, all members of FQAS will be expected to have access to a copy of the revised code. Failure to do this will result in a non-conformance being raised during inspection.