The Strategic Review of LMC which concluded in January 2011 recognised the important role that LMC plays as an independent body in providing an ‘Honest Broker’ role for the industry. LMC undertakes a number of important facilitative roles on behalf of the Northern Ireland Red Meat Industry including

  • Co-ordinating the Red Meat Industry Response to Brexit
  • Chairmanship and co-ordination of the work of the FQAS Industry Board & Standard Setting Committee
  • Managing FQAS relationships with Assured Food Standards and other recognized Red Tractor Schemes
  • Participation in the Agri-Food Strategy Board Red Meat Sub Group

LMC represented the interests of the beef and sheep meat sectors at meetings of
relevant Agri‐Food Strategy Board (AFSB) sub groups. LMC has been involved in coordinating the industry to assist with the out workings of key recommendations in the AFSB report including an initiative to progress the restructuring of genetic improvement systems for Northern Ireland’s dairy, beef and sheep sectors to increase rates of genetic improvement and help to position NI among the international leaders in the application of genetics in these sectors.

The Market Information department was heavily involved in the resolution of debates
about specifications in 2014. This issue concerned livestock
auctioneers, beef producers and beef processors and a large number of representative bodies were actively engaged on the issue. LMC consulted extensively with stakeholders on the issue of specification and in particular, on the issue of residency. It also investigated the historical background on the residency specification.

To learn more about any of these activities please call LMC on 028 9263 3000