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  • Sep 12

    LMC Bulletin 13 September 2014


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  • Sep 05

    LMC Bulletin 06 September 2014

    Counting Farm Residences
    NI Cattle Slaughterings Update

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  • Aug 30

    LMC Bulletin 30 August 2014

    UK Imports of Sheepmeat in Decline

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  • Aug 23

    LMC Bulletin 23 August 2014

    NI Beef Key Performance Indicators July 2014
    Russian ban on EU Agricultural Produce

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  • Aug 15

    LMC Bulletin 16 August 2014

    Update on residency discussions
    Recommendations on residency
    FQAS farmer of the year award

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  • Aug 09

    LMC Bulletin 09 August 2014

    Increased retail price drives increase in expenditure on beef

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  • Aug 02

    LMC Bulletin 02 August 2014

    NI Sheep Market Update: July 2014
    Value of euro declines against sterling

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  • Jul 25

    LMC Bulletin 26 July 2014

    Conformation of prime cattle kill improves in Quarter 2
    Demand for Farm Quality Assured lambs

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  • Jul 19

    LMC Bulletin 19 July 2014

    Farms of Residency – Summary of Findings

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  • Jul 11

    LMC Bulletin 12 July 2014

    Short term outlook for the EU meat market
    Expenditure on beef up two per cent but volume sales down
    Decline in lamb consumption as price per kg increases

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