Red Meat Prospects 2013

The second Red Meat Prospects Conference was hosted by LMC on 20 March 2013 in Greenmount Agricultural College, Antrim. The conference theme was; “Progress Through Partnership”. In the morning session, speakers explored issues around supply chain relationships and alliances and the evening session speakers focused on the beef and sheep markets in NI, ROI and GB. The event was chaired by Richard Halleron of the Farming Life.

Each of the speakers’ presentations are outlined below:

Angela McGowan

Chief Economist, Danske Bank 2013 - Emergence from Economic Stagnation? Danske Bank is at the forefront of agricultural lending in NI and Angela provides analysis and commentary on local and global economic developments, in particular those elements of economic performance which impact the Bank's personal and business portfolios. Angela briefed delegates on economic trends that will contribute to the success of the sector in the coming year.

Aodhan O'Donnell

Director of Policy, Consumer Council for Northern Ireland Rising Food Prices: The Consumer Response The Consumer Council recently undertook its own investigation into the impact rising food prices are having on NI consumers. The "Hard to Stomach" report presents a challenge to those that maintain that consumers are not paying enough for food. Aodhan briefed delegates on the research findings which shed light on the behaviour and attitudes of NI consumers, a key market for NI beef and lamb.

Peter Mitchell

Purchasing Manager, OSI Food Solutions Building Secure Supply Chains OSI Food Solutions employs 10,000 staff, in 42 locations in 18 countries and is McDonald's premier food provider. Peter is responsible for the procurement of the equivalent of 7,500 cattle per week for OSI's UK operation, with over 12 per cent of their beef coming from NI. As a further processor, Peter briefed delegates on how OSI builds mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers.

Christine Tacon

Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA) Good supply Chain Practice and the Role of the GCA Ms Tacon briefed delegates on her plans to develop the role and outline details of her powers under the legislation. Ms Tacon has a wealth of experience in the food sector, most recently as Managing Director of Co-operative Farms where she integrated the Co-operative Group's 50,000 acre farm into the £8bn food retailing business. With her substantial experience in the supply chain, from farming, through to processing and retailing, Ms Tacon is ideally placed to comment on how we can attempt to build better supply chain relationships and improve profitability through alliances with customers and suppliers.

Andrew Taylor

Veterinary Director of UK Export Certification Limited Developing Access to Emerging Markets The UKECP is a UK government / industry partnership which works to establish third country export market access and develop health certificates for the export of UK livestock and livestock products. Andrew has been at the forefront of recent successes in gaining UK access to key markets such as the Russian beef and lamb market.

Stuart Ashworth

Head of Economic Services, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) GB Cattle and Sheep Supply Prospects Stuart joined QMS in 2003 and his team has responsibility for monitoring and reporting on the business environment facing the red meat sector in Scotland from market supply, demand and price trends through enterprise profitability measures and the machinations of trade flows to the impact of national, EU and global agricultural, environmental, economic and trade polices on the Scottish industry.

Joe Burke

Beef Sector Manager, Bord Bia / Irish Food Board Beef and Lamb Trade Prospects in ROI Joe is the Beef Sector Manager with Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. He grew up on a beef finishing farm in Co. Limerick and graduated from Agricultural Science in University College Dublin. Joe previously worked in management in the meat industry and also spent a few years working as a beef nutrition advisor.

Conall Donnelly

Economist, Livestock and Meat Commission, NI NI Beef and Lamb Trade Prospects Conall takes responsibility for analysis of the NI red meat market and is editor of the LMC Bulletin and regularly briefs industry on a range of market issues. Conall briefed delegates on the supply situation in NI and gave a detailed examination of farmgate beef price trends in the local market.