Responsibilities of the Board

Livestock & Meat Commission

The Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs appoints the chairman and members of the LMC Board for three-year terms. There are six members on the Commission Board.

The Chair receives an annual remuneration of £17,315 and is expected to commit approximately four days per month to the post.  The board members receive £6,485 per annum and have a commitment in the region of two days per month.

Board appointments and committee membership are set out below:

NameDate AppointedDate Term ExpiresCommittee Membership
Gerard McGivern06 November 201506 June 2023Chairman, Remuneration (Chair)
Joseph Stewart01 February 202131 January 2024Audit and Risk Assurance (Chair)
Harry Sinclair01 July 201506 June 2023Audit and Risk Assurance
Oonagh Chesney01 July 201506 February 2023Audit and Risk Assurance, Remuneration
Jim Lennon01 July 201506 June 2023Audit and Risk Assurance
Gerry Maguire22 October 201506 June 2023Remuneration

*Members appointed for a second term of three years with effect from 07 May 2019. Appointments for the second term were made by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation and Exercise of Functions) Act 2018. The Board has corporate responsibility for ensuring that LMC fulfils the aims and objectives set by DAERA and approved by the Minister, and for promoting the efficient, economic and effective use of staff and other resources by LMC. The Board meets routinely once per month, with additional meetings on an ad hoc basis when circumstances require.

The main responsibilities of the Board are:
  • to establish the overall strategic direction of the LMC within the policy and resources framework determined by DAERA and its Minister; to constructively challenge the LMC’s executive team in their planning, target setting and delivery of performance;
  • to ensure that DAERA and its Minister are kept informed of any changes which are likely to impact on the strategic direction of the LMC or on the attainability of its targets, and determine the steps needed to deal with such changes;
  • to ensure that any statutory or administrative requirements for the use of public funds are complied with, that the Board operates within the limits of its statutory authority and any delegated authority agreed with DAERA and in accordance with any other conditions relating to the use of public funds, and that, in reaching decisions, the Board takes into account guidance issued by DoF, OFMDFM and DAERA;
  • to ensure that the Board receives and reviews regular financial information concerning the management of the LMC, is informed in a timely manner about any concerns about the activities of the LMC and provides positive assurances to DAERA that appropriate action has been taken on such concerns;
  • to demonstrate high standards of corporate governance at all times, including using the independent audit committee to help the Board to address the key financial and other risks facing the LMC; and
  • to appoint, with DAERA’s approval, a Chief Executive to the LMC and, in consultation with DAERA, set performance objectives and remuneration terms linked to these objectives for the Chief Executive, which give due weight to the proper management and use of public monies.
  • to follow the Code of Practice for Board Members of The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC). This Code of Practice follows closely the guidance within the Codes of Conduct for Board Members of Public Bodies (NI) issued by the Department of Finance (DoF) and is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), the sponsoring Department of LMC. Code of Practice for Board Members