Product Standard

The Scheme Standard and Rules are drawn up by the Standard Setting Committee. Wide consultation takes place with industry bodies, retailers and consumer organisations where necessary. Since its launch, the scheme has been continually updated and revised as appropriate to meet changing market needs.

The Product Standard and Scheme Rules are published by the scheme and sent to all participants and applicants. These manuals give full details of all the requirements which need to be met and of the regulatory procedures which must be followed. There are 8 main elements to the Product Standard, with a total of 85 separate elements, referred to as codes of practice or control points.

1) Animal husbandry, stockmanship and welfare

2) Animal health

3) Animal nutrition

4) Animal traceability – identification, sourcing and records

5) Housing and handling

6) Transport

7) Environmental care

8) Farm procedures

Some of the codes require compliance with other codes in the supply chain e.g. Welfare codes, Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Prevention of Pollution of Water, Air and Soil etc. All additional codes of practice are available in the documentation section

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