International Engagement

Livestock & Meat Commission

LMC works through its memberships of the International Meat Secretariat (IMS), Global Meat Alliance and Gira Meat Club to help Northern Ireland industry to actively engage in global discussions about the red meat industry and our products and to promote the climate positive benefits of ruminant livestock production.

  • 21st World Meat Congress

    LMC attended and supported the attendance of several key industry representatives from UFU and NIMEA at the 21st World Meat Congress which was held in the Conrad Hotel Punta Del Este, Uruguay from 7th -9th November 2016. This major event which draws together meat and livestock professionals from across the world is organised every 2 years by the International Meat Secretariat (IMS) and was co-hosted this year by the National Meat Institute of Uruguay (INAC). Uruguay’s economy is very dependent on agriculture and with an annual slaughter of 3.2 million beef cattle and 1.1 million sheep it is active in many markets accounting for 5% of all international beef trade.

  • International Meat Secretariat

    The International Meat Secretariat (IMS) represents the meat and livestock sector at international level to promote the sustainable supply of safe, healthy, high-quality and nutritious animal protein, including beef, pig meat and sheep meat and ensure the sector’s contribution as an essential part of a healthy, sustainable diet.

    The IMS engages with international standard setting bodies including the Codex Alimentarius (International Food Standards), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to shape public policy and regulatory standards impacting the agri-food chain.

    Through its Expert committees IMS champions science-based solutions and policy, the need for continued innovation and better technologies, free and fair trade and sustainable business as key elements to meet the future challenges of a growing global population estimated to be 9 billion people by 2050, with the associated higher demand for high-quality animal proteins.

    Finally, through its global conferences and scientific symposiums IMS provides a platform for expert dialogue to contribute to international research and facilitate scientific advancements particularly in the fields of sustainability, nutrition and animal welfare.

    LMC is a regular participant at meetings of the IMS Economics Committee, the IMS Marketing Committee and usually attends the biennial IMS World Meat Congress.

    To find out more visit  IMS 

  • Global Meat Alliance

    The Global Meat Alliance (GMA) exists to connect the fragmented global meat industry by sharing the best insight and developing joint programmes to positively impact consumer behaviour.  The Global Meat Alliance activity is funded by a range of partners and resources are shared with anyone in the global meat & livestock sector that are interested in accessing it.

    The GMA was established in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and LMC, as an Associate Partner within the GMA, is well placed to provide key input into the strategic direction and activity of the Alliance.

    To find out more visit Global Meat Alliance

  • Gira Meat Club

    LMC is a long running member of the Gira Meat Club (GMC) which has been running since 1976. The core purpose of the GMC is a global collaboration amongst members to research and obtain short-term forecasts for herds/flocks, production, foreign trade, consumption and prices set in the context of reliable historic data series, with five-year headline trends, accompanying relevant analysis and commentary. The GMC covers all the key global regions for the four major species, which is presented at a GMC Annual Meeting. LMC regularly provides updates from the GMC analysis in the weekly LMC Bulletin and also invites Gira representatives to present at local conferences to inform stakeholders.

    For over 50 years Gira has provided strategic market consultancy and forecasting at every level of the food supply chain. It is comprised of a team of consultants and researchers based throughout Europe and around the world, with a head office close to Geneva. The team includes economists, strategists, agronomists, business analysts, scientists, consumer specialists, and linguists.

    A summary of the 2022 mid-year GMC update is available here