Export Development

BSE Negligible Risk Status

LMC strongly supported the UK application to the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) for BSE Negligible Risk Status for Northern Ireland.  The upgrading of Northern Ireland’s status from Controlled Risk to Negligible Risk by the OIE would help alleviate some of the BSE control costs that must currently be carried by the supply chain. It also helps to present a very positive message to new and existing customers of Northern Irish beef and, with Scotland also achieving Negligible Risk Status at the same time, this should help the UK in negotiating access to new market opportunities for beef around the world.  LMC agreed to fund, on behalf of industry, the application fee that was required to accompany the Northern Ireland application to the OIE.

UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP)

The NI red meat industry is eager to gain greater market access to third countries for potential exports of live cattle and sheep, their meat and other products. The United Kingdom Export Certification Partnership (UKECP) is an industry / government partnership which works to develop export health certification to third countries. LMC provides support to UKECP on behalf of the NI red meat industry.

The aim of the partnership is to overcome two of the most serious obstacles identified in export certification for third country markets:

  • Visiting third country markets for face to face discussions
  • Producing the large number of draft certificates required for new markets as well as amending certificates for existing markets

LMC continus to support the work of the UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP).  LMC has helped to fund market access work in the USA and the Philippines recently continues to look for opportunities to support the industry in this regard.

Further information about the partnership is available from the following website: http://www.ukecp.com/