Industry Reports

Efficient Farming cuts Greenhouse Gases: Implementation Plan 2016-2020

28-09-2016 The next phase of the Efficient Farming Cuts Greenhouse Gases Implementation Plan for 2016-2020 has been launched by Agriculture Minister Michelle McIlveen. The plan was developed by the Greenhouse Gas Implementation partnership of which LMC is an integral member.

Efficient farming cuts greenhouse gases

21-12-2014 The agriculture and forestry sectors are committed to playing their part in carbon reduction and contributing to meeting targets for reductions in emissions. During 2010/11 the GHG Stakeholder Group has been working to determine how best to encourage farmers and landowners to take actions that will reduce the emission intensity of food production. This strategy and action plan identifies a suite of measures and actions that can be progressively implemented on-farm to better manage and thereby reduce the inevitable consequences of agri-food production systems i.e. methane and nitrous oxide.

LMC: Know what you’re looking at . A guide to stock judging

24-07-2014 The ‘Know what you’re looking at’ guide is designed to provide information for younger famers who are new to stock judging but also contains information on beef and lamb carcases and Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). With all of this information in one booklet the reader should gain a greater understanding of the connection between livestock and desirable carcase characteristics. The section on EBVs lets younger farmers appreciate that the judging of breeding stock cannot be done by the eye alone and that there are other tools available to help farmers identify genetic traits in breeding livestock that will have the greatest economic impact for their own farm

Efficient Farming cuts Greenhouse Gases

28-03-2014 The Greenhouse Gas Implementation Partnership recently launched its report 'GHGIP’s Efficient Farming Cuts Greenhouse Gases Strategy and Action Plan' at an event in Greenmount Agricultural College. LMC is a member of the Greenhouse Gas Implementation Partnership (GHGIP) which is a DARD-chaired representative body consisting of agri-food industry and environmental stakeholders which was established with the aim of ensuring that local food production is undertaken in the most carbon efficient manner possible.

Assuring Food Safety in NI

17-01-2011 The IFAG group was formed in response to the Dioxin crisis of 2008 and the Assuring Food Safety in NI report was a culmination of the group's review of existing structures to assure the safety of feed inputs to the livestock and dairy sectors.

Dressing Specifications Explained

09-02-2009 There are three dressing specifications approved for use in the UK. The Standard Specification, EC Reference Specification and UK Specification. Full details are given on pages 6 to 19 in the Rural Payments Agency booklet "Beef Carcase Classification Scheme, Guidance on Dressing Specifications and Carcase Classification".