Market Information

LMC’s Market Information Services are designed to support, examine and inform the NI red meat industry. The service aspires to support producers and processors with their decision making by making available accurate and timely information that creates a better understanding of the trade. LMC is committed to creating an environment where our stakeholders are well-informed whether this is through the provision of basic statistics, further analysis / examination of this data or the delivery of information through events like the Red Meat Prospects Conference.

LMC’s Market Information Services adhere to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics which requires producers of official statistics to publish corporate policies and other information to demonstrate compliance with its principles. This section provides links to policies and other documents demonstrating LMC’s compliance with the code.

Official statistics assessed as compliant with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics are designated as National Statistics. Bodies that produce National Statistics are required to ensure that the Code continues to be observed. For other official statistics, compliance with the Code is not a formal requirement but is expected.

 Code of Official Statistics Documentation
 Statement of Compliance  Click Here
 Statement of Administrative Sources  Click Here
 LMC Publications with Official Statistics  Click Here