Scheme Performance

Participation of producers in NIBL FQAS is entirely voluntary, but those who do participate are required to meet every element of the Product Standard.

If, during the NIBL FQAS inspection of their farms, non-conformances with any of the codes are found, then farmers are normally allowed one month in which to take remedial action to rectify the non-conformance. Failure to take remedial action and provide evidence of such (either documentary evidence or by re-inspection) will lead to suspension from the scheme until the remedial action is completed. If this is not done the producers registration in the scheme will be revoked.

The documents below provide further information on the numbers of producers participating in NIBL FQAS, the number of applications, inspections and certifications on a rolling 12 month basis and the proportion of beef produced in Northern Ireland that is assured under the NIBL FQAS.

NIBL FQAS Performance Statistics

Proportion of NIBL FQAS domestic kill 1992-2017

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